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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The burgundy velvet dress

The Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in writing for children graduating class of January 2008, the Dedications. From left to right: Frances, Mary, Barbara, Nancy, Margaret, me, Page. This is at the reception after graduation. Photo by Frances's husband Lance.

Margaret Bechard (right) and moi at the reception. Photo by Frances Lee Hall. Frances surprised us with her photo request, I think, so we didn't have time to get self-conscious. At least I didn't. I think Margaret likes having her picture taken about as much as I do.

Barbara and me at the Black Door in Montpelier for supper after the reception. The rest of the Deds were there too. Barbara was showing me how to smile for the camera. Photo by Frances Lee Hall.

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At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Dawn said...

Michele, I just have to thank you for creating this blog and allowing me to follow it through your 2 years at Vermont College. I have applied there for fall '08 mfa (writing for children), along with 4 other schools. (I've been accepted to 2 so far, but have not heard from VC or Lesley yet, which are my top 2 choices.) Because of your blog, I feel like I know what to expect at VC, if I get in, and it sounds like exactly what I'm looking for.
If you have any words of wisdom for me, I'd love to hear them. My email is dawnbuth@comcast.net.
Congrats on completing your degree.


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