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Monday, January 21, 2008

Sick during the residency

I haven't been sleeping well at this residency, which I think has been going on now for about 3 months. It's so bizarre how time passes while I'm here. I caught a mild cold a couple of days ago. Then Sat. night I started feeling a little feverish, and in the middle of the night my stomach became upset. I thought it was the combination of a beer and NyQuil and possibly the Thai food I'd had for supper. So the next morning I went for a run, chewed some antacid, and met some friends for brunch.

Big breakfasts are my absolute favorite. We went to a place downtown for a brunch buffet, and it was gorgeous. They made omelettes to order and waffles while you waited. But all I could tolerate were 2 pieces of toast.

Shortly after brunch I headed back to Noble Hall to get ready for my lecture. And then my stomach started to hurt, I had chills, and I was getting weak and jittery. It sounds like nerves, but I don't get nervous about giving presentations.

So my classmates and a faculty member sprang into action and got the schedule switched around so I could go back to my room and try to sleep off the virus. Unfortunately that meant I missed 2 of my classmates' lectures and 1 faculty lecture. I felt somewhat better last night, but I think that was just the cold medicine.

I get easily tired and am heading back to my room for the 2nd nap of the day. I'll be giving my lecture on Tuesday morning, the last lecture spot of the whole residency. (No pressure there. At least it's first thing in the morning.) I may not be 100% better by then, but certainly better than I am now.

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