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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two-mile race results

Sad but true--Trent beat me. He ran it in 15:25. I ran it in a pathetic 16:30.

I know I can run faster than that because I do so in training. But some days and some races just don't work out the way I'd like. The 12 miles I ran the day before yesterday probably took more out of me than I realized. C'est la vie. It was good training at least.

Page ran too and was happy with her time. She said she had fun, so I'm glad we did it.

Perhaps in the winter we'll organize a fun run/jog. I imagine the track will be buried under snow, but we could run on the streets.

Page was surprised that more people didn't join us since I announced it to the whole student body and faculty. I wasn't too surprised though. I think quite a few other students run, but they may not run races.

To me and Page, signing up for a race is motivating. That's one of the main reasons I run--to train for a race. I like to have goals to shoot for.

Same with writing. Short forms are not my specialty and neither are short races. I'm more comfortable with the longer forms and the longer races--the ones that take lots of planning/training.


At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm glad I'm sick today so I couldn't race since 15 and 16 minutes are a common 1 1/2 mile time for me:) Sad but true. Maybe that two cookie a day diet you're on slowed you down!? Ask the champ if that's part of his diet too.


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