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Friday, July 21, 2006

The two-cookies-a-day diet

I am not the cookie fiend my husband is, but during this residency, I'm sure I'm averaging close to two cookies per day. The cookies are some of the most reliable items on the New England Culinary Institute's (NECI) menu. Except last night I inadvertently grabbed a cookie with coconut and raisins in it.

Raisins I can live with, but the combination was not my thing. So my roommate Margaret swapped her chocolate chip with me. Then she went inside for another chocolate chip because she didn't like the coconut raisin cookie either.

Overall I think the food is pretty good. Some meals are better than others. Have you ever heard of laarb? I'm not making that up. I think it was a seasoned turkey salad. Different but edible.

Breakfast is consistently reliable, which is great for me since it's my favorite meal. One thing I have not yet tried is the oatmeal with maple syrup.


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