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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Advisor lottery

I felt happy about the possibilities for an advisor for my second semester. For one thing, now that I'm a second-semester student, I only had to select four people compared to seven during my first term. Also, my advisor from last semester was able to give me advice about who might be a good fit based on the work I'm doing.

About half the faculty is new this semester. The new people include David Gifaldi (VC alum), Brent Hartinger, Uma Krishnaswami, Jane Kurtz, Julie Larios, Leda Schubert (VC alum), and Deborah Wiles (VC alum). Returning faculty include Kathi Appelt, Marion Dane Bauer, Margaret Bechard, Sharon Darrow, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Rita Williams-Garcia, Jacqueline Woodson, and Tim Wynne-Jones.

Sharon Darrow described the advisor selection process. First, the forms are separated into four different piles, one for each class. They're not put in any kind of order beyond that.

Next, starting with the post grad and then the fourth-semester students and on down the line to the first-semester students, the advisory committee starts making new piles, one for each faculty member. The committee makes sure that no advisor has all fourth-semester students, for example, while also ensuring that each student gets a person s/he checked on the form.

The forms were due at 12:30 yesterday. By 10:30 last night, the results were in.

I chose three new people and one of the returning faculty on my form and am delighted to say I got Uma Krishnaswami.


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