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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The food at Vermont College

The food here is pretty darn good. Some meals are better than others, but there's plenty of it. I've never eaten more sweet potatoes in more ways in my life than I have in my first week here.

I've also had chicken, pork, beef, fish, and vegetarian dishes of all kinds. Lunch is as big a meal as supper here, althought you can usually go through the sandwich bar if you'd like to go lighter. There's also a salad bar.

A basket of fresh fruit is available, and so is a tray of cookies. Additional desserts like pie, fruit crisp, and cheesecake are also offered.

For breakfast they'll offer to cook eggs the way you like them. They usually have a breakfast meat too. Bacon was good this morning. I tried the sausage patties once and thought the seasoning was strange. They also offer a hot cereal like grits or oatmeal. I ate grits once and pretended it was Cream of Wheat. Their waffles are excellent and so is the French toast. I had pancakes once, but they must add some flavoring that I didn't expect, so I haven't tried them since.


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