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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Vermont weather

Winter finally stopped by for a visit today. It started snowing last night after raining for most of the day. This morning there were a few inches of snow on the ground.

The temperature dropped at least 40 degrees and the wind was raw. Ah, it felt like Iowa, except that winter hasn't been particularly cold so far.

I would have gone running this morning despite the cold and wind but my shoes were (and are) still wet from running in the rain. Actually they're wet from running through too many puddles. The sidewalks around here don't drain very well in places, partly because of the snowpiles between the street and the sidewalk. So when I couldn't go around the puddles, I had to go through them.

Today it was cool enough even inside that I could wear a turtleneck and a sweater and not be too warm.

Older students keep warning us new students about the hot summer and how miserable it is in the dorms, which are not air conditioned. It's awful trying to sleep when it's hot, but maybe this summer won't be quite as bad as last year when New England had such a hot summer.


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